Who is the man with the burn mark?

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Funny how Buggy had all of those before he joined hands with Mihawk but he's only termed a Yonko after making an alliance with him.
Why Buggy is the yonko and not Mihawk if it only that matters for WG?

Buggy wasn’t a yonko before Crocodile joined as well, by that logic croc is 100% the readon why buggy is a yonko, no?
So you can become a Yonko with 2 veteran-level characters and a bunch of weaklings under your command, which in turn heavily diminishes the Yonko title's worth?
And back to square one we go.
-Wb acknowledges buggy impel down subordinates
-Buggy has the most military might
-croc isn’t vet level if he is just makes the weakest mid top tier look worse as he can block his black blade
You guys are trying so hard to diminish Mihawk that you're damaging the thing that you wanna wank the most.
Hilarious because mihawk fans are legitimately the only ones tryna find a way to use this to hype him up. Anyways he’s under buggy and like ryo said admirals can’t lose to pirate subordinates

If mihawk single handily made buggy a yonko crew it would have made it to the newspaper or maybe even get a gorosei reaction.
Remind you out of luffy, buggy was the only with yonko quafilcations so the WG needed to fill that vaccum asap,it what it is , weakest yonko crew no marines going to take serious when your “strongest” is mihawk.
Yamato was always to strong to join. Mythical Zoan and ACoC against the 4/5th ranked guy on the opposition? It was either she got debuffed or stayed in Wano.
“Too strong” the next fights for the SH are Yonko’s or the Admirals. There needs to be 4 SH strong enough to fight against the admiral…
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