Who is the man with the burn mark?

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Expectation: BM is the Queen of souls, able to absorb life and health, capable giving instant death to even the most physically hardened fighters.



Why is this how Oda always works?

Gol D. Roger

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Why Buggy is the yonko and not Mihawk if it only that matters for WG?
Not sure what that means.

Buggy wasn’t a yonko before Crocodile joined as well, by that logic croc is 100% the readon why buggy is a yonko, no?
Follow the conversation. I said Mihawk is the biggest reason, not the sole reason. Crocodiles played a role too. The only thing Mihawk is helping in counterbalancing the Yonko crews, the captain primarily, in terms of strength. The rest is covered by Buggy and others, which includes Crocodile.
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