Who is the man with the burn mark?

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No, I’m a big Zoro ran and I always wanted some character developments
My biggest wish was some lore about Ryuma, Zoro visiting his grave and some more backstory about him. His relationship with Yasu, the fox and Hiyori led to nowhere and the cursed swords were nonexistent.
Zoro is always badass and 99% of the fandom knows that he’s the second strongest but strength doesn’t define a character.

Oda fucked up
Facts, Oda failed to explore Zoro's character during the Wano arc and he had plenty of time to do that.
I find it funny how some Zoro fans are content with what they got from him in Wano. It just goes to show that what they really care about is not Zoro's character, but mindless, edgy, m-rated badassery. In their eyes, all Zoro ever needed to do was fight Kaido, inflict damage to him and play a role in taking down one of his commanders.
Yes yes, another lecturer who gives lessons about who and what zoro fans should like lmao!
Guys, are you all gonna ignore that Zoro never even visited Ryuma's grave?
What about Zoro's lineage? Do people even care now?
huge let down by loda, I expect the anime will add an extra episode for that. Oda schedule,organization,priority are so bad manage. Promoting a movie that no one cares, giving a fuking no name ninja 3 chapters but leavaing out important plot points....One piece is Lone piece:suresure:

By the way, all the strawhat were a huge let down, even Luffy that become a clown in the final fight with gomugomu ass reconing
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