Who is the man with the burn mark?

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By the way, I'm really glad Carrot isn't joining the crew. The fact that she was even considered by many to join the Straw Hats boggles the mind. I also find it funny that Carrot fans usually point out how flat Yamato's character is and how her only character trait are her bazongas when Carrot has even less things going for her. :milaugh:

I don't care for these two characters and I personally don't want either of them to join the crew.
by who? Lolby? Not in a million years
don't be surprised
Oda is rushing the development of a lot of secondary characters

Kid and Law go from having 500 mil bounties to beating big mom and getting 3 billion berry bounties
Sabo goes from being worth 600 mil to being "flame emperor"

Oda is going to use plot to rush Koby's development and make him "hero of the marines" or something.
Crocodile is a natural born leader of criminal organizations. He doesn't like to get boss around by anyone.
Mihawk prefers to wander and do things alone. He is the freaking greatest swordsman in the world.

How did Buggy manage to recruit them??????

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