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CoC: Color of Clowns

Makin' Bacon Pancakes
@comrade @mmd @Sasaki Kojirō @MonsterKaido Oda literally made BMP version 2.0 here with cross guild.

- Clown like BM became Clown Buggy as boss.
- CoO specialist Katakuri is now clairvoyant Mihawk.
- Hydrophobic Cracker and Crocodile.

So lame of Shanks past rival and Oda can't even let either emperor or marines stay without jokers.


So those nonsensical theories of GB > Kaido had affected not only marine fandom but also ZKK group !?

When WG can give a clown like Buggy, the title of Schibukai than when 3 schibukais came together than why couldn't give them title of emperor !?

Now it's Mihawk's and Crocodile's choice to follow a clown like Buggy (lol) so that makes you believe " NOW MIHAWK CAN LOW DIFF SHANKS, EMPERORS & ADMIRALS". Really? Just like ZKK wet dream based on nonsensical theories?

Or Mihawk's fandom thinks just like Buggy's followers from ID :

Mihawk (applies on fandom too) : Wow so cool, i can't even measure the distance with my black blade but this guy can talk on equal footing with WB and later one is even wanting to cooperate with him. So cool:lumazed:

I can feel how Mihawk got inspiration to join Buggy :

Mihawk : ohh my, this blackblade of mine isn't even able to finish off a paramecia fruit holder, just how high is his capabilities and mastery over haki ? This is my idol now. Later on I'm going to follow him.
Wait, this is the funniest shit I've heard in years.

What if Mihawk ACTUALLY thinks Buggy is strong? Like, he survived Marineford without much damage. Would be really dumb, but a funny twist.
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