Who is the man with the burn mark?

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Even if this is all set up by Morgans. The portrayal is here because it's Oda who writes it in the end, it's not a decision made by some magical goblin.

I think I predicted it some time ago talking to either @Doggo or @Yasheen

I told one of you that Warlords probably randomly ran into each other for different reasons, some running away some just changing location and etc. Then they were attacked by Marine Fleet the moment they were talking and some Morgan's spy or else just took the picture of them fighting alongside. Buggy probably did a pose that would indicate him giving orders to Warlords and we have Cross Guild shit.

But it doesn't matter. If Oda wanted Posthawk to be as monstrous as I and a lot of other Posthawk fans imagined him to be then he would let him sail alone and bang on them invaders or whatever.
Think it was Yasheen.
At least it brings Posthawk into the story somehow.
So....guess we got another group to fight against? Since Zoro vs Posthawk needs to happen somehow.
Buggy insane luck vs Nika is gonna be...quite something. Lmao
Yeah yeah the strongest character can't be bother to be a yonko when Big Mom was around, only after her defeat and an alliance with characters like Crocodile :suresure:
I'm just thinking about Vista. What was his excuse? The guy made a Yonko-like character ask for a time out because he was unable to even hit him.
Buggy's crew is a Yonko's crew. He needs the firepower to back it up.

Unless there are other people there, his S-rank fighters were Hajrudin level.
Yes there are more people who joined him.

Posthawk is below admirals
Croco is around Jozu or Jack level at best

If kid had another high tier or more he'd be Yonko
If law had a powerful crew too
Can't wait for the detail of what the hell happen outside Wano.

Who spread the news about cross-guild and all stuff? last time they (Warlords) appeared they were all in a different place , weren't they? that news might be just a rumors.

Good news is RIP C4N.
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