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I’m ngl I feel really bad for the Zoro fans that care about more than just his strength like @Franosuke

Nidai plot? Abandoned
Ryuma plot? Abandoned
ZKK? Gone
Black Blade? Left pretty much unexplained still

I don’t think ZKK was ever gonna happen but this is even worse than I thought

The most Zoro got was the comparison between him Ryuma and Ushimaru that led nowhere and was left completely unexplained

People came up with theories just for Oda to shut them down immediately. I know some Zoro fans are against the idea of Zoro being from Wano but damn that’s still kinda tough

Enma this Enma that instead of expanding on his potential connection to the Shimotsuki, learning more about Ryuma’s legend, or forging a Black Blade which is key to his journey

Fans of other characters got done dirty too (Chopper not using this time to cure a major illness, Usopp basically doing nothing) but Zoro fans got it the worst

I don’t hate Wano and I love One Piece but I’d be lying if I said this arc wasn’t a fumble from Oda

5-6/10 max for me

You’ve already been proven fraud for that Mihawk bounty shit tho… Even emunopla was proven fraud lol. But yeah there’s certainly more to the chapter. That redon hint must still mean something that we haven’t seen yet.
I say we don't have bounties, this 1b stuff came from newspaper kinda
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Can you spoil just a little about Tama in the chapter?
She got W
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