Who is the man with the burn mark?

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For me Oda clearly intended to open Wano's border (which is why Zunesha was there) during this Arc but something after Luffys awakening definitely happened behind the scenes.
Oda decided to suddenly rush it, don't if he grew bored, if it was the reaction to the whole Nika stuff which pushed Jump Staff to intervene in a arc that wasn't really popular even on its targeted public (japanese people). But something happened, hopefully nothing related to his health.
yeah cause the ancient weapon is still in wano
the strawhats might have to circle back
I don't get what Oda is doing with the minks. Zunesha already left earlier for no reason so their giant elephant Uber is gone already.

Neko and Inu are staying in Wano as I expected but since Carrot is being named to rule over Wano for some insane reason (at least the for the night half/shifts right?) , how are they gonna get back to Zou?

Carrot is not joining the SHs but shes gonna have to ask them to drop her back off at Zou? How are they even gonna get back up on Zou too? I can't even remember how the Sanji Nami half of the SHs got on there before, when they left to go there early? With Caesars help? Sanji sky walked them up?

What about all the other minks who came by too? They stay with Neko and Inu? Or they go back to Zou too?

My head hurts...

All that is confirmed is that she didn't join this chapter. What happens later is another story.

Shimotsuki Ghostly

Loving this new OP arc.
Would had been better if Vegepunk actually came to Wano to heal the wano citizens. Oda did them dirty, gosh dang.

So hopefully Oda set your idea to motion but expectations is lower than ever...
Ironically Orochi wanting Vegapunk to come there would have been the best thing to happen to them potentially, despite Orochi being the reason they are like that LMAO!

Oda doesn't want them cured though, he wants them to suffer forever, just like us!

i do think pluton will enter the scene during the final war as part of luff’s army. probably in contrast with Uranus, that may be the treasure of Maryjoa (indeed it is located in thd “sky”), while pluton in the abyss

Shimotsuki Ghostly

Loving this new OP arc.
All that is confirmed is that she didn't join this chapter. What happens later is another story.
Hes probably waiting until after the break, the next chapter to confirm it. Or hes gonna keep us chasing that wishful "carrot on a stick" to find out as long as possible lol.

At least Oda remembered her and gave her some storyline and partial closure unlike Zeus!

Rank don’t mean anything.
Smoker became a Va Due to fake rep
Maynard is a VA and Koby is stronger
Movie not canon, no one cares
Regardless of Stampede being canon or not, Coby has no feats that put him at Tobiroppo level. I dont think he grew that much to be able to defeat Boa. Also, he is just one of the marines going after Boa, there is definitely people stronger than him in that fleet and leading it.
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