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Shimotsuki Ghostly

Loving this new OP arc.
I am especially butthurt over what he did to Zoro as a character this arc.

All we got was combat feats. Which were awesome, but we got dick all for his character. And then all the abandoned plot lines :shame:
I don't know whether Oda just wants to rush the story and sacrificed Zoro's character for it or he's just too scared to make Zoro look anything than perfect right now, a sort of Gary Stu and Erza-like character.

Saying that though, we learned WAY more about Erza by the end of FT and knew a lot about her throughout the series too. It was only her fights and fighting style that were the issue really.

Oda is doubling down on the "cool swordsman" trope , the mysterious badass and won't let Zoro risk being controversial like Sanjis character arc has been and his new storylines and such. He's too scared to challenge Zoro like that ironically.

Even Usopp, Chopper and Nami have feel like they have really regressed as characters and become parodies of themselves. Usopp did nothing in this raid and was helpless. What happened to his CoO unlock?

Fuck man, how did this not end up being Zoro's ultimate arc too? Is he just gonna fight some strong dudes, ideally fight Mihawk, win and become WSS and thats it? What about Kuina too? Tashigi? Ryuuma? Ushimaru? His own family and lineage? Fucks sake.

Imagine if he doesn't get his all out fight with Mihawk? I wouldn't put it past Oda at this point especially, since hes trolling so hard with Shanks too.
Orochi is just a copy of Doffy, no originality and barely any presence for half the arc.
Kanjuro was for me the best antagonist in Wano, perfectly written to the end.

About the others... I prefer not to speak Kaido needing development and Oda refusing to expand on his past because it involves Rocks and he does not want to reveal that yet is just dumb.
Poor Full Power Sicilian. Dude fought in two wars against 1 billion Jack + hoardes of Beast pirates. Him and Pedro were undoubtedly next up after Inu/Neko.

Pedro unfortunately died and his protege Carrot got his spot.

But here comes Wanda, Inus daughter, stealing my man Sicilians well earned spot. That's nepotism! Inu all about keeping it in the family I see. At least Neko chose a damn rabbit after his fellow cat died.
rescuing boa may be one of the subplots of the final war, and maybe one of the reasons why amazon lily will ally with luffy.

At the moment i think that Luffy will find the one piece and the truth about the world before declaring war to the WG.
In the final war we’ll have:
Luffy and the grand fleet (+ Zou + Samurai with Pluton + Fishmen + Law + Kidd + maybe Buggy) vs WG and the marine, with Sword playing a grey role (at first enemy then ally probably)

i’m pretty sure Luffy will fight the WG as the new Pirate King
Did you realize now that the fight between the strongest swordsman change into a fight between Yonko commanders?
Now I have to respect Ray and Oden more
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