Who is the man with the burn mark?

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Weevil isn't even part of the crew you pieces of defective sperms

Mihawk + Crocodile = Shanks + Beckman + Lucky Roo + Yasopp

How the fuck are yall gonna defend that?
Shanks is a territorial bitch who runs towards even fodders like Bartholomew

@comrade @Red Admiral @Seraphoenix

Yall now either have choice for Buggy being counter or Shanks or mihawk being one.

Shanks already hyped for his crew anyways
@Red Admiral want to react to chapter so he didn't read spoilers although he know about buggy and mihawk thing it was some what obvious that he become yonko for having warlords under him
No, Zoro is not a fool and understands Mihawk doesn't do anything for nothing. If he agree to the alliance it's because there is something that interests him.

Luffy and Zoro are goats. The rest don't make the cut. One couldn't defeat admirals who were holding back while the other two needed bombs.
zoro is not Goat and stop putting him next to Luffy, he's not the same... put yourself in the subordinate's place.
How does it matter if one knee bender( Zoro) stayed with another knee bender( mihawk) . Both of them are high octane losers. Mihawk may have picked up being a subordinate from Zoro actually.
one is lone wolf (Mihawk) but zoro isn't like him
if you are idiot enough that don't understand buggys gag its your problem not zoro
Honestly proof Mihawk is essentially acting as Defacto Yonko. If Zoro doubts this, then there is a motive for Mihawk to be doing this to begin with. Buggy however has the influence to be a Yonko, while Mihawk is essentially the "power" behind that title.

Like enough of the hate on both sides with Shanks/Mihawk. They will both be at the endgame, along with Blackbeard and his side. It's all clashing to one big chaotic mess. Honestly I love it.

P. S. I still think Zoro vs Mihawk is Zoro's endgame fight, tho, while Zoro vs an Admiral is his penultimate fight. :myman:
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