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Heavy Metal
Again really nice to see how Oda gives the main attention to the three captains and their rivalery. Nobody wants to fall behind the others, they mock each other, they are clearly the lead into the next generation. These captains will overrule all pirates in the end!
aint sad that just 2 individual like Luffy&Zoro are enough to take captain mid + crew + law + his crew and still win with a good margine?

I find amusing the argument that push the idiotic rivality between Luffy&Mid&Law just because we see a panel in which

they jump with their crew from the waterfall in the last chapter for Wano...

Wano is over.

What do we get in term of powerscalling?

The main argument that Kaido bring again and again and again is that only individual that have a strong haki will reach the top of the top

Snitch introduction in Wano again proof just that

Now what did we get in over 110 chapter for Kid&Law&Co crew about haki feats? Nothing, like do you expect from Oda many more panels for this 2 to explore this thing, when Oda had over 100 chapters to display good haki feat?

Dont you notice that Oda rushed Kidd&Law fight to the point that fight had the same amount of panels that Sanji had fighting Queen:suresure:

If I were a fan of this 2 character I woudnt be that happy after chapter 1000 in which Kidd was smoking hard to get Kaido but were just empty words. Law was less dissapoiting still vs the top antagonist in this arc even a subordinate to Luffy had a way stronger impact that the so call luffy rivals:kuzanshut:
If I rewrite events of WCI and Wano in my Two Piece, yes. :goyea:
After you write zoro kill kaido and zoro is compare to ryuma. They get recovered fully and solve all plot lines like zoro vista g ryuma grave and get ryuma flashback.

Then I write greenbull vs rooftop 2.0 in wano all out fight . Then greenbull beat everyone except zoro and zoro finally defeat him as sword ryuma keep wano safe from world government.
‘Only in two piece
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