Is Mihawk more powerful than Shanks?

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If cross guild gave him a boost why tf is his bounty over the leader who’s shanks rival ??
Go worry about why oda gave nami coq over that bitch ass cook 😆😆
The same reason why Crocodile’s bounty went from 81 mill to 1.9 bill or why jinbe’s bounty is even remotely above Sanji’s

All warlords got a HUGE boost and Mihawk already had a way higher bounty than Buggy but they clearly increased Mihawk’s
So what? That goes to show he underestimated Jinbe and wasn't able to adapt fast enough before Jinbe folded him back savage. He's fodder.

I don't have any feats for Croc, but I think his bounty speaks for itself.
Underestimating Jinbe does not undermine his power level.. Not fodder..

And i think taking the Bounty at face value is a poor argument..
"You here to challenge me?"

This statement pretty much says it all. Mihawk was always the challenger in their fights. And the fact that Shanks says it now, means Mihawk never won a fight between them.
Nop but Kidd and law way more potential than mihawk

mihawk is already in his prime and have 45-50 years old

kid and law 25-30
Y’all said shanks >mihawk because he wants to be pk which means Kidd law >mihawk
Nobody said anything about potential so the answer is no right now mihawk >>midd law
So bounty is > direct power level statement? :gokulaugh::suresure:

Check the spoilers, they literally said Buggy > Mihawk, and yet Buggy has lower bounty than Mihawk's bounty.
A direct statement that mihawk considers yonko garbage and does not want to be one, his reward is >three yonko, he is stronger than shanks
So bounty is > direct power level statement? :gokulaugh::suresure:

Check the spoilers, they literally said Buggy > Mihawk, and yet Buggy has lower bounty than Mihawk's bounty.
Erkans "Mihawk=YC1 and Admirals=YC1," wrong once again.

I didn't say Bounty=strength, but rather I implied Croc's bounty is as high as it is because of his influence in the New World - probably partially due to his strength at least.
If he keeps his word OP ends up in Laugh Tale, although it would be no surprise if he changes his mind.
Also we are not clear if BB falls before WG, from this will depend on the level that Shiryu will have
Maybe the final fight will be Luffy vs BB vs imu and not simply 1vs1 like usual

or maybe BB defeat imu and became the king of world for the final fight
Nah OP ends in Mariejoa. Too many things pointing to it. Blackbeards just not the final villain
Oda said OP is ending in the next 3 years and that the series ends after OP is found, so yeah, Teach kinda has to be the final villain.

My guess:
  • final road poneglyph is on elbaf
  • the WG gets to the poneglyph first, and takes it to mariejois so that nobody can become pirate king unless they literally challenge the world
  • the yonko, supernova, and the revolutionaries ally in order to take down the WG
  • Teach reveals he never cared about one piece. Rather, he wanted the WG to be overthrown so that he could become king of the world. He then decides that he wants to genocide the celestial dragons, Luffy decides to fight him to stop it.
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