Is Mihawk more powerful than Shanks?

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Then, how does it end in 3-5 years? I really wish BB wasn’t the final villain. But it seems pointless to create a crew perfectly matched with SHP and then not use them for EoS antagonist group.
Luffy fights Blackbeard as a grudge match for them killing shanks
Cross guild takes over the WG in the mean time.

Luffy lands on raftel sees that the one piece isn’t here but the rip Poneglyph is which tells what the one piece is.

Poneglyph explains the one piece is in Mariejoa castle. Luffy decides to go and take it (Rayleighs quote about them coming to a different conclusion and Doffy saying there’s a treasure in Mariejoa that if revealed will turn the world on its head)

Luffy takes his victory lap and amassed his grand fleet they all attack Mariejoa
"You here to challenge me?"

This statement pretty much says it all. Mihawk was always the challenger in their fights. And the fact that Shanks says it now, means Mihawk never won a fight between them.
Mihawk never defeating shanks makes sense.

If he did, why don't they just say Mihawk defeated shanks?

Imo, Mihawk got his title by defeating an admiral who previously held it.
Dumbasses like you can’t even comprehend a gag lol

y’all would except anyone becoming a conqueror as long as it isn’t Sanji. Just spells out how insecure you are
Sanji is the fucking gag he’s always been :gokulaugh:his bounty gag his personality gag his opponents is literally gags 😆your mad because oda representing sanji fam base thru sanji
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