Is Mihawk more powerful than Shanks?

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No way y’all shape it’s a W for mihawk
Can become yonko decides he doesn’t need it
Higher bounty then the so called leader and rival of shanks
400 million behind lanks crew +territory +influence+world government connections
(If mihawk was the face and the leader most likely surpass shanks bounty )
Stronger blade better swordsman ship
And the strongest swordsman that sits on top all swordsman
The whole thing mihawk is marine hunter by crocodile.
‘We need context for this to know which marine did mihawk hunt .

Only people can say zephyr got arm cut by mihawk due guessing by non-canon movie. Some say law or Doflimingo fault .

Zoro is called pirate hunter before . And we see how zoro do this . He didn’t kill kaido. The lava kill kaido. . Luffy beat kaido. King live after zoro defeat him. Every zoro opponent we see. live on or get arrested by Marines.

Das bones say no swordsman can defeat me until zoro beat him.
If we are in alabasta arc today , People will vote this guy over mihawk because mihawk is swordsman .

Then too many people fell the oda bait like Yamato bait, ZKK bait, etc.
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