Is Mihawk more powerful than Shanks?

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So you are saying, that Jimbei > Sanji?

Usopp > Franky?

Doesn't what bounty they have, the navy believes that Buggy had the power to tame Mihawk.
Ignoring the fact that Buggy is supposed to be his boss. :seriously:
Buggy "power over him could literally be black mail for all they know". Its irrelevant because his bounty is higher. This would be like saying Jinbei is getting boosted by joining the straw hats but his bounty is 30% higher then Luffys. .
Is Jozu a captain or commander? Once you can figure that out we can talk
That's irrelevant. A commander can have greater ability or power then their captain in areas.

Katakuri has greater CoO than Big Mom. King has a greater durability/defense than Kaido and is much harder to damage. Even Luffy needed Zoro to block hakai for him. Which is kind of funny because that same energy used against Mihawk for having a YC block his attack wasn't there. Everybody should have been giving Big Mom and Kaido a L for allowing a "mere subordinate" to block and deflect their attack. The SN Captain should have received same for needing a subordinate to protect them. But of course since it dealt with Zoro it was the direct opposite from all of the haters.
This chapter suggests that Mihawk is to Shanks as Whitebeard is to Roger. I honestly don't give a fu*k anymore who's the stronger of the two.

Mihawk's lack of interest in Yonko's position reminds me of Whitebeard's lack of interest in finding OnePiece. So saying that Mihawk is scared of being a Yonko is like saying that Whitebeard was scared of being the PK.
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