Is Mihawk more powerful than Shanks?

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I’m already seeing the dumbass lanji >>mihawk
is sanji only gonna leach of zoro hype and feats and opponents for 30 years :seriously:
Unless the world ends in 5 years it's going to be far longer than that. They even powerscale gag fights until their boy with Judge's massive power ups (their own words, he jumped tiers) and using finishers still looks mid against no haki Zoro, then it's just a gag like always. Can you imagine Zoro doing an Onigiri against Lanji, the things that would be said? :quest:
So you ignore zoro haki being at least 2 lvls above sanji
Sanji has Ifrit Jambe, which is sensational to say it's on par with Zoro's En-ou santoryu.

And now a lower bounty than jinbe everyone mihawk>>eos take it up with oda 🤷
Oda making jokes about the rewards doesn't change the fact that Zoro and Sanji are on the same level and face off against characters of the same level.
And you don't know that Haki Swordsmanship is absolute..
Я предполагаю, что у михука есть титул, а флот называется михук > Шанкс. Только если есть слова, которые mihawk не знал, что у Shanks есть acoc 3, для меня Mihawk > Shanks

Mr. Tuna Sandwich

SII - Sakazuki Incinerate Imu
Yall a bunch of grown adults debating over fictional characters strength. Yall need to go outside and fix the world we live in. smh :seriously:
Can we start by dating your lonely mom? :catlewd:
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But you go assuming that Mihawk > Shanks based solely on Haki swordsmanship..
Sword Hakimanship*
How many time do I need to tell you!
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