Is Mihawk more powerful than Shanks?

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All oda have to doing is make Queen saying : WHAT ?!?! HIS FLAMES TURNED BLUE??

even that is very simply but oda cannot do it for us sanji fans

Sanji fans haven't gotten a W since ifrit jambe and even that was a delayed W because we only found out it was blue when cover release. We dont even got a chance to celebrate it when chapter dropped

One day something good will hjappen to me its only a matter of time

See a therapist man :ronalaugh:
Problem is Shanks stans spent years saying he wasn't even YC1 level. They get what they deserve.
in hindsight they were stupid
he was clearly one of his most noteworthy rival.

reminds me a lot of the arguments I had with people who put roger on such a high pedestal they disregarded a lot of the things he himself said about garp. people are weird man.
I wouldn’t be surprised if Oda makes Yamato join unexpectedly later down the line so Sanji gets booted out of the commander trio entirely. :milaugh:
When tho? "Surpassing" the all blue Jinbei is his endgame, Oda did this on purpose as a consolation prize since the cook doesn't have a Yonkou or a 3B rival, passing Jinbei just to get cockblocked by Yamato would just send him back to square one.


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Zoro fans parents when drove past a tesla : When you get a license I will buy you one of those

Sanji fans parents when drove past a tesla : Take a good look son because you will never drive one of those in your life

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