Is Mihawk more powerful than Shanks?

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So you ased me if Luffy's goal is..

Luffy defeating kaido


Luffy defeating kaido and his crew, road poneglyph

My answer is for Luffy to become Pirate king, is for him to defeat kaido, Big Mom, Shanks, Blackbeard and find the One Piece..
Yes and that's exactly why the path to becoming Pirate King is harder.

You have to defeat more Top Tiers.

Aiming for the WSS you only need to defeat one Top Tier.
Warlords are eating good but I can't really picture Moriah making it out of Blackbeard's territory to be honest.

Plenty of other ex-Warlords are enjoying immense hype. Blackbeard and Law go without saying, Jimbei too and now Crocodile and Mihawk getting stuff revealed/clarified. But Moriah... I like the guy but he cares so deeply for his crew I can't picture him joining Absalom's murderers and he seemed hell-bent on wreaking havoc. Maybe Doc Q collected his fruit but I'm sure Moriah put up a good fight.

I kinda expected Weevil to get manipulated by Buggy or something to be honest. Everyone else is joining up for security, I wonder what Weevil's mom's gameplan is. I've heard the theories on Blackbeard using him but Weevil's hatred of Blackbeard is like the one thing I recall him being capable of processing.

Doflamingo though, I'm awaiting his jailbreak. Hopefully he joins up with Cross Guilde too. Croc didn't want to follow Doffy but Doffy seemed content as just partners so maybe Crocodile will be more open as it'll be under his terms since it's his organisation. I just hope Oda finds a spot for Doflamingo.

Boa might prove herself but I'm still rooting for Coby. New gen vs Warlord hype, I hope Coby pushes through. If the Marines don't capture a single Warlord after letting Sabo and his friends all escape, I'll be wondering what Fuji and SSG are up to. I'm sure the Admirals and Vegapunk's group will enjoy a great deal of hype regardless but I'm kinda expecting something soon since they put so much faith in things working out.
I think Weevil will either join cross guild (with buggy taking the place of his mother) or bond with luffy and join the fleet (and still leave his mother)
lm not trying to change anyone's mind, but how we don't go assuming Mihawk > Shanks before Shanks goes all out?.. That's all i'm asking..
Because the current facts is on Mihawk's side.

Shanks is a swordsman.
Mihawk is a swordsman.

They had duel years ago and resulted in draw.

But now,

Mihawk has a Black Blade and is WSS,
Shanks has no Black Blade and no WSS title

Not to say Shanks lost his dominant arm.

You're looking at the wrong timeline here. If in the future Shanks shows next level Haki that Mihawk don't have, then you can definitely argue that Shanks is either equal or stronger than Mihawk despite Mihawk having the WSS title.
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