Is Mihawk more powerful than Shanks?

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Yes and that's exactly why the path to becoming Pirate King is harder.

You have to defeat more Top Tiers.

Aiming for the WSS you only need to defeat one Top Tier.
When you beat one of them, you can beat all of them..

You're stretching Mihawks statement so much to fit your Mihawk narrative, instead of just making a 1 for 1 comparison..
just realized someone is def joining the crew before sh meet wb cause bb has ten commanders
and it wont be yamato
i don't think there are going to be new strawhats other than this ten.
the reason why i think this is that this time we got not only the nicknames but also the "job", not to mention they are called commanders.
To me this is Oda saying "this is the final crew, this is what everyone does on the ship, and everyone else is in the fleet"
You're looking at the wrong timeline here. If in the future Shanks shows next level Haki that Mihawk don't have, then you can definitely argue that Shanks is either equal or stronger than Mihawk despite Mihawk having the WSS title.
All the hype about Shanks is his Haki, why wouldn't he have next level Haki?..

The facts about Mihawks should not be enough to assume that he is over Shanks portrayal in my opinion..
see the problem with asking me whether he is between admiral and yonko level . you cant even decide on what admiral level is
but thats half the question
what about yonkos
what is yonko level to you .

I think you will begin to see my point pretty soon
l could but it would take a long time and feat comparison on fights or clashes and portrayal..
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