Is Mihawk more powerful than Shanks?

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And Lafitte is revealed to be the navigator in volume 47's character synopsis section.
I was referring to specifically those who weren’t in these first four.

Cause Avalo/Catarina/Sanjuan and so forth don’t have roles.

Besides Lafitte is just too strong for Nami
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isnt Kuzan an ally of BBP? (random question)
Yeah he is
Outside of fan made matchups with Lanji vs Marines/Admirals which would be a Strawhats fight anyways you and I both know that the cook doesn't have the sauce, unfortunately Oda's formula as always been the one guy and his best man or the 2 partners, Roger/Ray, WB/Oden, Shanks/Beckman, Luffy/Zoro, Coby/Helmeppo, Croco/Daz, Kidd/Killer, Lucci/Kaku, it's always been this way and it's going to end like this. Oda doesn't care about the others, Oda doesn't care that you want him to be strong on his own, he made him a complete fraud, Oda doesn't care that you've been begging, imploring for judge's son to have CoC, he goes and gives it to Nami who honestly deserve it less than him, that's how Oda does things.
Bruh……’s clearly a gag…..Nami doesn’t have conqueror’s lol

The fact that you actually believe she has it makes me disregard this post incase you were being serious
Yonko - Blackbeard, Big Mom, Shanks, kaido, Luffy

Admiral - kizaru, Fujitora, Greenbull, Beckman, Rayleigh, Oden
so yonko level are essentially people who become yonkos with exception of buggy
and oden who somehow fought toe to toe with kaido, one of the five people who kaido thinks can take him on isnt that level but admiral level.......

I will try not to even question the logic you used here .
I dont think admirals and yonkos vary in levels . In each group there are individuals stronger than others

as far as mihawk is concerned , if he is in the navy he is strong enough to be an admiral
and if he wanted to as we see in this chapter also strong enough to be an emperor.
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