Is Mihawk more powerful than Shanks?

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comparing kaido to how shanks fights is disingenuous
no one sensible would think like that.

stop trying to act like the sword is something he picks up thats completely inconsequential to how shanks fights . kaido very evidently uses his club.
But that's just Mihawkstan logic, Kizaru uses a sword too, i guess he's also a swordsman so Mihawk must be stronger. I saw Greenbull carrying a sword too, so he's also a swordsman, Mihawk must be stronger than him.
So, former Warlord bounties:
Mihawk: 3.59B
Buggy: 3.189B
Law: 3B
Blackbeard: 2.2B
Crocodile: 1.965B
Jinbe: 1.1B

That leaves Doffy, Hancock, Kuma & Moria. I can't imagine any of the first three getting bounties lower than 1.5B. Hell, I'd bet on 2B+ for them based on Croc. And Moria was said to clash on par with Kaido in his prime.

It seems the writing on the wall about Warlords is pretty much the exact opposite of what many people have been saying for years. There's seemingly no "skill cap" on how strong a Warlord can be--as demonstrated by Mihawk-- and I'd bet you have to be at least as strong as the average YC to maintain your position.

EDIT: I forgot Weevil, but I'm sure he'll get a high-ass bounty as well
And Oda made pre-skip Luffy beat Croc and Moriah.Now were they too weak back then due to depression or was pre-skip Luffy underrated.
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