Is Mihawk more powerful than Shanks?

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What? Sanji low. Jimbei stronger than Doffy?
Imagine being this fucking deranged.
Doflamingo is underrated but also massively overrated by you two. Who’s Who is much more lethal than Doflamingo. Also he possesses fighting skills on the level of Rob Lucci, but let’s just keep to how lethal he is

Or let me ask, who is a better CoA user: Law or Jimbei? One being a conquerors haki user while Law is not , so the answer should be obvious

Law can perfectly block Doflamingo’s strings bare handed using

So an average CoA user like Law can block his shit just fine.

Just look at how underrated Whos Who is.

Here you have King spamming his attacks. Is it true or not that King is sending Zolo flying like this is a pinball game just by getting hit with an air slash? Yes Zolo was flying like a fodder bitch

By comparison Who’s Who’s Fang Pistol is very underrated as it cut though the ceiling and decimated the people it hit. You have one guy losing an arm on panel by getting hit from the floor below. King’s attack were poweful
Enough to send Zolo flying but not even break the floor.

You have fodders crying and saying out loud “Who’s Who’s rang pistol!!” . This attack is far more lethal and destructive than King’s air slashes

Jimbei bled to it but realise this attack is on a whole nother level

In terms of power

Fang Pistol >> King’s air slashes >>> Doflamingo’s attack Law blocked with haki

It looks amazing by Jimbei his haki wasn’t more pierced than that. Even Bellamy made Luffy bleed so from that you get a perspective on just how powerful Jimbei’s haki is

Doffy shivering his ass from Aokiji 🥶🥶🥶

Doffy starts breathing heavy and Aokiji hasn’t even taken out his hands from his pockets

Doffy’s haki is inferior. Jimbei has conqueror’s haki that is awakened to be used offensively which Doffy doesn’t have. Doffy never showed any offensive attack with CoC

Rob Lucci’s peer got his finger broken by adCoC. It might be one of the most impressive adCoC feats. Jimbei looks far more impressive than Doflamingo. Jimbei only needed to show AdCOC once and it’s one of the most impressive feats this arc.
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