Is Mihawk more powerful than Shanks?

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I think it would have made more sense if Oda just had jinbe’s bounty be 1.1 billion after the timeskip.

it makes more sense that he got that bounty from marineford and fighting on the big mom pirates, than it does him defeating Who’s Who
is there a reason that Jinbe's bounty got so high?

- Franky defeats 472M tobiroppo: 400M bounty
- Jinbe defeats 546M bounty tobiroppo: 1.100b bounty
Jinbei's bounty was higher than Sanji's before.

Sanji actually got a higher bounty increase than Jinbei which shows they believe he did more during Wano. It's just the increase was not enough to make up the difference between him and Jinbei
But Zoro wouldn't know Mihawk's previous bounty before Cross Guild if there was a different one since it was during Wano and he had no info about it.
I'm talking about the 3.5 billion number being new enough to reflect his involvement in Cross Guild since it's assumedly being spread along with the Straw Hats mew bounties. That's all
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