Is Mihawk more powerful than Shanks?

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The Rogue Prince
Oda probably in his mind inflated the calamities bounties by 300 million
King - 1.09
Queen - 1.02

So for Zoro and Sanji he boosted there’s a bit beyond kings and queens and made sure the gap between theirs was one less than Kings and Queens (1.032B + 69M = 1.101B)

For Luffy oda totaled up the yonko bounties - 4.688 + 4.311 = 8.999 and then added one and divided it by three splitting it among the three captains (likely similar to what happened in dressrosa with Luffy and Law with Doffy)

For most of the straw hats, oda gave a flat boost of 300 Million for raid participation and being in an emperor crew

For Robin and Jinbe oda gave a boost beyond the raid participation boost. Robin got a flat 500 Million boost beyond it. What these boosts are for are likely explained in chapter.

Basically Oda only considered his opponents bounty for 3 straw hats. Luffy Zoro and Sanji
The Calamities' bounties are not anymore inflated than the other Yonko crews. They sit right where they belong.
It's just that since the WG is trying to write down Luffy's accomplishments due to the Nika thing, his crew's bounty also takes a hit due to that.
If you see, his Commanders got 1 Billion, Robin (Poneglyphs) got 930, the rest got somewhere between 200-500 M.

The problem isn't the Calamities/Beast Pirates, it's the WG giving less infamy to Luffy & his crew in general to do damage control for the Nika fiasco.
Jinbe is very humble and doesn't care about the fame and hype. While Sanji likes the fame and hype, which he needs to not let himself completely overshadowed by Zoro in their "rivalry".

So Oda has Sanji doing dick measuring with Jinbei, despite Jinbe not giving a shit to that... and still besting him lmao.
If you remember, this interation started way back in Fishman Island, and continued in Onigashima (remember Sanji claiming he would talent a few seconds to defeat some fodders, and Jinbe doing that in a second, and then the two arguing).
And now the bounty thing.

The fact is that Jinbe doesn't give a like about Sanji's inferiority complex, acting as the reverse of Zoro, who instead fuels it.
That might piss Sanji off even more lmao...
The Sanji Jimbei interactions are definitely refreshing. It’s an interesting dynamic, I don’t think there’s one like it in Shonen since Sanji is portrayed to be stronger but is still salty.
It’s better than Anything Oda could have done with Yamato to say the least.

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