Is Mihawk more powerful than Shanks?

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inb4 poor Carrot dies of starvation inside the barrel, because she never finds the best time to reveal herself catded
That's why the time jump can't happen lmao
Unless it's them right after they leave Wano's funky waters.
And a Nami outfit change would suggest that days have passed. Which would mean either Carrot didn't reveal herself yet or there is no one to reveal.
Don't know why people are malding lol. Both Zoro and Sanji have bounties in the billion. Be happy lol
as a Wanji fan who anticipated sanji's bounty being >= 1.1 bill I'm happy it came to be true coz it make me look like a big brain even if people don't appreciate it

but the problem is jimbe have bounty above sanji specifically..

like dood oda THE DYNAMIC
Luffy - 120
Robin - 79
Zoro - 60
Sanji - N/A

Luffy 300
Zoro 120
Robin 80
Sanji 77 - 4

Luffy 500
Zoro 320
Ussop 200
Sanji 177 - 4

Luffy 1.5b
Jinbey 480
Sanji 330 - 3
Zoro 320

Luffy 3Billion
Zoro 1.1Billion
Jinbei 1.1Billion
Sanji 1.03 BIllion - 4

"oDa iS bReAkIng a PaTtErn"

The frothing, stupid, fact free Sanji hate is just reflective of the collective IQ of this place. Hope you're all teenagers because otherwise yikes.
Wow, you just looked at numbers like that? Sanji never had a reaction like he did with Jinbei (and it's not his first time competing or complaining with Jinbei) with any other SH who had a higher bounty than him or the scenario never presented itself. We can forgive Sanji for not competing with Robin having a higher bounty. Why did Sanji not complain about lesser bounty than Zoro or Robin after EL (he was pissed because of the pic). Why there was no reaction from Sanji when Usopp got 200 mil (we got one from Franky about why Usopp got so high and why Franky is still below 100 mil). Sanji and Usopp did not interact with each other but it's not like Sanji did not learn of the new bounties. Sanji was pissed that his bounty increased due to Germa name but still rubbed it in Zoro's face in Wano. So why now is he getting angry with Jinbe having a higher bounty?
To be fair

the kings / five elders decided on that shit even without Fujitora and the Marines lol

because of Cobra and Riku

so the Warlords System was fucked anyway

but making Mihawk your enemy is one of the dumbest shit the Marines have done

and they do dumb shit every chapter at this point
For Akainu defense, he was against it but couldn't go against the vote
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