Is Mihawk more powerful than Shanks?

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Gol D. Roger

ȶɦɛ քɨʀǟȶɛ ӄɨռɢ
No Whitebeard wasn't the strongest pirate anymore, and there is no doubt here lol.
Big Mom, Kaido and Shanks we all stronger than him by the time Marineford took place.

Again I am not doubting Mihawks title I am saying it has poor world building around it and which is why so many people here tend to sometimes straight up ignore his title.
The point is, they're not stronger than him because they're actually stronger than him. It's WB who became weaker than them due to external factors and that's not gonna make his title less authentic.
Because his strength comes from his sword skills. It's like saying white beard had the most power DF and people going "They didn't say anything about haki so Shanks>Whitebeard". Do people really believe that Shanks is so busted that he is both the 2nd strongest swords men in the world and also a super haki fighter who fighting style doesn't overlap with his swordsmanship? This would be likely Luffy being just behind Zoro in swordsmanship in addition to having his devil fruit fighting style.

Le Fishe D. Tomdou

Kuina > grandson of Pinzolo
Being a professional doesn't make you infallible:seriously:

And no, I never said I was better than Stephen Paul, but it's factual that he mistranslates a lot of shit and is actually notorious for doing so, the raw Japanese should always be taken over Stephen Paul's translations.

And again, I don't give a fuck if Mihawk is > Shanks as long as it's accurate, not when it's a statement of skill that people are trying to misconstrue into power like in this chapter.
Where it say otherwise? Where it implied Shanks > Mihawk? Actual statement not headcanon pls

Gol D. Roger

ȶɦɛ քɨʀǟȶɛ ӄɨռɢ
Damn, @Erkan12 you know I was sort of joking when I pointed out how Doberman was not afraid of Shanks, but Shanks’ superior stating that a Marine Fleet consisting of zero Admirals was a lot of work for him really solidified the idea of Shanks being Vice Admiral level at maximum tbh. No trolling.
He's talking about shifting his base, not the marines.

I know you know it. Answering for the people who seriously believe it.
That's your opinion, I'm gonna guess you haven't been a part of any translating community to say this though.
Everyone knows Stephen Paul's scripts are better than the early Viz. There is a reason why ViZ hired this man. I am not saying he is perfect and those translation communities dont have people better than him. But calling him a dogshit translator is ridiculous. Put some respect in that man's name.
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