Is Mihawk more powerful than Shanks?

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That doesn’t make sense because it goes without saying.. Mihawk is comparing himself to other Yonko captains since he wanted to check the distance between him and old Whitebeard..
Mihawk did that to see the difference in strength between him and WB individually, as WB is known as the WSM. Mihawk did not do that because he was trying to be the Pirate King.

What's your point?
Second last line - Mihawk is looking for someone stronger than shanks (Zoro will surpass shanks and Mihawk both)

this chapter - Mihawk is above shanks.

Mihawk is WSS and shanks isnt


But but.....two piece readers shanks fans
Shanks is a swordsman and Mihawk is a little stronger than him since he lost his arm.
there is only one hakiman and that is Garp the fist
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