Is Mihawk more powerful than Shanks?

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Everything suggests that Killer got a bounty raise of less than 300mil.
Usopp's bounty should be above Killer's right now.
nah, Killer is Kid’s right hand, making him Zoro’s “rival”, so Oda is going to treat him specially.

Imo anything less than 600 mil wouldn’t make sense. Most Tobi roppo wouldn’t have been able to stomp hawkins as well as killer did before he pulled hostages.
wb still had his title in marineford, do you think he was the actual world strongest. or do you think kaido is stronger than the final villain (if he/she does not have a power boost)
Think the author wanted to portray him as someone that legitimately was the strongest but hindered him.

am confident at the very least bb is growing in the same way luffy is growing so him being stronger than kaido isnt out of the question .
It really doesn't matter whether their fight was a decade ago or a day ago because both Mihawk & Shanks were fighting other people after they stopped duelling. The Marines definitely know well enough to make a statement about it, just like how Greenbull said it for Kaido & Sengoku told it for WB.

And even then, on a meta lvl this is direct exposition drop from Oda on the topic about Mihawk & Shanks's PL.
it does matter or any significant battles would be hinted towards..! and during that decade who did Mihawk fight as a Warlord... he definitely didn't fight any Yonko's or even admirals as he was a Shichibukai.. are we talking about Yc's? are just going assume that he has confrontations with Yonko's and that weren't even recalled during Yonko saga? i mean to our knowledge he didn't even fight against Vista in that decade long time

Your claims goes against your stance itself...

and to say marines would go off of other fights that are likely not swords fights to gauge Mihawk's swordsmanship against Shanks which they also have Likely no account of.. is also a massive stretch and tbh just plain ridiculous.

Also with that route of thought shouldn't Shanks be over Mihawk coz

Shank clashed with 2 of the strongest Pirates in the NW.. made one retreat on top of that.

Its obvious that Marines are going off of retrospective duels and the fact that Shanks lost an arm given nothing of Shanks loosing against Mihawk was ever stated..

all in all,

- your argument proves the contrary to be the case

- Mihawk didn't fight anyone notable to really be mentioned in the story in that decade

- Shanks then isn't the Shanks now and Marines are basing things not on confrontations Mihawk and Shanks had but rather their duels a decade ago

- Marines wouldn't logically base their conclusion over the fight Mihawk and Shanks had in the decade... coz that would be even more inaccurate.. rather they would chose to go off of duels that were more accurate and its convenient to assume Shanks is less skilled with one arm and the fact that Mihawk is labeled the WSS for a reason.

- basing the conclusion of a hypothetical battle on dodgy and outdated accounts of duels isn't the least accurate


Magic Sword, Magic Swordsman, and Can Cut Anything
once the shichibukai system was abolished the navy sent a fleet after him , he can't live a peaceful life any more he has to fight back and that's why he joined the cross guild

why do you think crocodile called mihawk of all people ?

+ he doesn't care about being an emperor that's why he let buggy get all the glory
and moreover croco thought Mihawk like yonko
Sup WG, how's it goi--


@Paperchampion23 What do you think we’re getting next week?

1. SH focused slice of life / arriving at new island chapter?
2. Hancock-focused chapter?
3. Weevil-focused chapter?
4. Blackbeard focused chapter?
5. Direct continuation of Rev story at the end of this chapter?

I’m guessing a little bit of 5 and one of 2, 3, or 4. Hope Oda gives one chapter updates for all these factions
Basically the same^^
He would have had to have a crazy powerup. The Alabasta version of Crocodile would likely get disposed by Pekoms in one hit just like Caribou
It was a completely different manga in terms of power levels. Croco was already "corrected" in MF, now is probably even stronger than that.

Also, Croco's portrayal was always this great: someone world-famous, that has challenged WB in the past, that Aokiji himself (and not Pekoms) was going to take care of.
In all honesty, it's only now that his bounty and possibly strength match his portrayal.
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