Is Mihawk more powerful than Shanks?

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"zoom call haki" or "CoO sabotage haki" are passive usage that aids your fighting style, as well.
its cannot be taken into account when skill in swordsmanship is being considered.. definitely not
If a swordsman with FS is using FS to avoid stuff, he's still doing nothing more than a swordsman.
ik but its is a separate skill from his way of blade.. which is my point

Your stuff would be more valid if Shanks started shooting ACoC lasers out of his eyes as his trump card or something lol.

Either way, it's impossible to deny that Mihawk's portrayal at the very, very least puts him neigh equal to Shanks given everything in teh chapter as well as title and all the canonical resources. Of course, I think he has a lot more going for him that practically states he's stronger, but I hope you won't deny the former anymore (unsure if you did before) lol
Always been Shanks ~ Mihawk for me

don't mind Mihawk > Shanks its just it cannot be proven as it stands and i don't think the marines's have much substance to what they are claiming... and if we break it down you have massive holes.. and false premises for this who claim Mihawk > Shanks

its either that what navy claims takes only skill into account or not, even if it does with that if we assume that Shanks just uses his swords and nothing else.. its hard to say Mihawk or Shanks are superior to each other as there is over a decade long drought since their confrontations.. and we have none novel ones or even recent accounts of them clashing and either of the seeming to inferior..

to paraphrase.. Mihawk's diametric superiority cannot be proven

but i don't disagree with the notion that he's around (above or below) Shank's caliber
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No one can tell me a Mihawk/Crocodile/Hancock trio for Cross Guilds wouldn't be most interesting one in series. They all ooze royalty, charisma and all around great character presence. Having those three run this Syndicate and interact. Fucking amazing.

A good break from certified goofy retards of Strawhats.
Stop putting that fodder on the level of Crocodile and Mihawk

She lost to Coby the future Strongest Marine
Kuma have become a slave of the celestials, and he seems to be acting in the same way with Dragon, could be that Dragon mom was a Celestial?

Garp was hinted to have some kind of connection to them and the God Valley incident could be where Dragon mom died and that would be a main reason for Garp to fight Rocks and join forces with Roger.
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