Is Mihawk more powerful than Shanks?

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its cannot be taken into account when skill in swordsmanship is being considered.. definitely not

ik but its is a separate skill from his way of blade.. which is my point

Always been Shanks ~ Mihawk for me

don't mind Mihawk > Shanks its just it cannot be proven as it stands and i don't think the marines's have much substance to what they are claiming... and if we break it down you have massive holes.. and false premises for this who claim Mihawk > Shanks

its either that what navy claims takes only skill into account or not, even if it does with that if we assume that Shanks just uses his swords and nothing else.. its hard to say Mihawk or Shanks are superior to each other as there is over a decade long drought since their confrontations.. and we have none novel ones or even recent accounts of them clashing and either of the seeming to inferior..

to paraphrase.. Mihawk's diametric superiority cannot be proven

but i don't disagree with the notion that he's around (above or below) Shank's caliber
CoO is a separate skill from way of blade by that logic. But we know Zoro won't lolturn it off during his WSS dual with Mihawk, right?
Stop putting that fodder on the level of Crocodile and Mihawk

She lost to Coby the future Strongest Marine
I don't give a fuck about her power-level. I want to see her as a character with Mihawk and Crocodile. Would be entertaining as hell dynamic- specially to finally see Hancock among peers with personality to match instead of seeing her goof around with Luffy lol
So gents have to get a few things off of my chest. I think the final war should have 4 classes of powerful marines. They have the same ranks as regular officers but their clothes or medals reflect higher in terms of pure power.

For example we have:

fleet admiral



(5) Powerful high ranking vice admirals. There rank has nothing to do with age or tenure. It's solely based on power. They can be referred to as
"5 pillars" . You have to go through gents before you can even reach the admirals. These can include:
Smoker (after getting a powerup and capturing weevil)
Koby (after besting boa and being promoted to vice admiral because of it)
And 3 other people we don't know of yet

Another faction on the same playing field as the 5 pillars are world government operatives (cipher pol) that are powerful and truly powerful monsters. This position could include people like
Black Horse (Leader), Rob Lucci (2nd in commnand), Kaku, and two other members
Problem is that when did mihawk make last serious matchup and with who ?

He said he is looking for valuable opponent for him and travel for it .

Why did not he clash with any yonkou then except shanks if he looking for stronger opponent .

So many unknown in the equation .
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