Is Mihawk more powerful than Shanks?

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Trade off of Mihawk retaining his Shichibukai title is he really couldn't go after and fight the top tiers without completely wrecking the WG agenda of maintaining the status quo. Now that he's unleashed to do whatever he pleases hopefully Oda has him do some nasty sinister shit. Make him live up to that epithet of Marine Hunter.
Garp and Sengoku "admit" to being weaker when they were actually stronger
What are you getting at? What did they admit do? I don’t follow
Mihawk never admitted anything thats your headcanon and WB not a Swordsman
He doesn’t have to say it when it’s self-explanatory. Jozu was capable of easily grab hold of his attack. That was the answer to his question, this clarifies the distance between them.
@Shanal after thinking about it.. the whole advanced haki thing seems to be downplaying Mihawk as if if Shanks has these he'd be superior

i retract it.. whether indirect of fence or not.. other stuff like kicks and guns still valid tho
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