Is Mihawk more powerful than Shanks?

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Brannew spells it out in "skills" is what they were waiting for........
Literally i keep saying they don't give a shit about Shanks being confirm swordsman or not.
That simple sentences is what they just need to even more push Shanks agenda coz their headcanon has been acknowledged in the manga.

Shanks stopping Kaido makes them convinced Shanks > Kaido
Kaido said haki surpass all make them prove Shanks > Kaido
Shanks stopping the fight make them believe Shanks crew > Marine forces
So you know, world titles, narration, scaling, portrayal etc.doesn't matter to them......
So this is a huge W for them lmaooo.....

That's why thing will even get more spicy in the future.
This forum is small compared to the entire fanbase.
people got him top1 cause he is the most hyped guy , they dont care about portrayal or narrative
That's where you're wrong.

There's a reason Mihawk has a bounty higher than 3 Yonkou while he's a subordinate and Crocodile has a bounty much closer to Yonkou Blackbeard than to any of the YC 1s we've seen so far.

You're simply heavily sleeping on Mihawk and Crocodile.
Crocodile isn't on blackbeard level and i doubt hes stronger than zoro and the rest of the current 1yc
Exactly so Oden didn't force anything now your saying somebody weaker can force you to do something lol bro shut up
They dont know buggy is weaker
It's less of what he has and more of what they believe.

They THINK that he has some sort of power that he utilized collectively to get those two under him. But they don't actively think it's combat prowess.

Yes they are when the biggest reason Buggy even became Yonko was because he got Mihawk and Crocodile under him.

From Mihawk and Croc's exchange, Hawk was to become Yonko from get-go and would've been so if they off'd Buggy right then and there (thus part of his reasoning that he doesn't want to become a Yonko), and Croc actively supports that ("You serious now?" to Mihawk saying he doesn't want to become an Emperor), then just shrugging off afterward with 0 stated desire to be one himself.
Eh idk i guess you can read it that way tho imo i believe they're associating that power with buggys own strength

Its a combination of mihawk and crocodile joining under buggy + them believing buggy has the power himself to make them obey him
Whether they think hes actually that strong or some other short of powerful thing i guess is debatable

The world government buggy hype has alot to do with how they perceive the cross guild
Something Brannew presents as a rumor. Do you have a shred of evidence that they believe in it?

They know that for a goddamn fact since they had his dumbass locked up in Impel Down level 1.
Kuzan literally one-shot that clown on Sengoku's command.

That Mihawk is now working under a person who the Marines thinks is stronger according to you, you dumb ape.
Bounties are built on rumors and fake news all the time

They also believe it was him that got them all out. So in their minds they definitely underestimated him

Technically all the admirals attacked him and he survived just fine

The marines are just as bad as buggys crew when it comes to unnecessarily hyping him


Magic Sword, Magic Swordsman, and Can Cut Anything
Kaku was the only one with a sword in cp0 so him saying he’s the best in swordsmanship means they’re all trained in it .

Haichi said he’s the no.2 swordsmen in fishman island so he’s a better swordsmen then arlong but not overall stronger
what does it have to do than haku has sword than the other trained with sword. Did Luffy and sanjino train with sword?:suresure:
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