Is Mihawk more powerful than Shanks?

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Oda said he wanted to end one piece in 3 years. I don't see how or why he should fight both.

Zoro already surpassed the YC1s when he defeated King. Why should his fight in the blackbeard pirates be against an opponent on a similar tier?
If you've noticed, there's a clear jump in tiers in the opponents zoro(or any SH) faces.

I don't see how Oda could hype Shiryu to be that much stronger than King, unless Oda goes the Shiryu kills mihawk route.

Assuming Oda didn't lie about the series' timeframe, which tbh makes sense as Luffy has almost found one piece, either Shiryu>Mihawk or teach allies with cross guild. I'm guessing its going to be the latter.

My EoS matchups:
Luffy vs Teach
Zoro vs Mihawk
Sanji vs Aokiji
Jinbe vs Crocodile

remaining SHs+grand fleet vs Blackbeard pirates
Because at the same time when Luffy beats Blackbeard; Cross Guild will take down the world government

Blackbeard pirates will take out the hyped Red haired pirates to prove Shiryu >> King

Luffy vs Blackbeard -> Buggy
Zoro vs Shiryu -> Mihawk
Sanji vs Lafitte -> Crocodile
And so forth
If it is, I hope @Blackbeard has a bigger goal than just simply avenging Jesus, because this is related to the Revos. :smoothieduck:
Cause another incident like Marineford. Revos vs Marines (and by deafult Luffy gets involved), BB aims for the final prize.

At the same time we might get BBP vs RHP who I don't think Shanks will simply let him have his way, their encounter is gonna happen at some point.
He is probably Lonely at the Top, I don't think he is the type to regret over killing somebody. He simply has no challengers left.
What does being lonely at the top, have to do with wanting to live in peace?

And there is plenty of strong people he could fight if he really wanted to. They might not be Swordsmen, but if it's conflict he seeks, there is no shortage of candidates.

He wants a good sword fight. Not just a fight against a strong opponent. But in the same vain, he also wants to live a peaceful life.
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