Is Mihawk more powerful than Shanks?

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Denying facts, waste of time responding to you.

Garp and Sengoku were declaring themselves inferior to WB even being stronger, MF is a fraud, only agenda guys would use those contradictory statements.
You really think Mihawk would not know he's weaker than a whole Yonko crew.. Major Cap..

You're trying to discredit MF because Mihawk's statement works against your headcanon..
:gokulaugh: Maybe you should check out the spoilers.

They say Buggy is stronger than Mihawk, and that made Buggy a Yonko with 3 billion bounty. Shanks is a Yonko, so all Yonko > Mihawk.

Plus, Mihawk is too scared to be a Yonko, instead he wants to be a Yonko Commander. :suresure::suresure::suresure::steef::steef:
And then it turns out that the Swordsman mihouk > swordsman shanks. Mihawk considers yonko's title to be a musur, although he may become one. And Yonko buggy wants to lick him batinki. And the award of SOLO mihouk>Buggy.Ticha God niki


The Walking Muscle, Plot-armor and Boobs Trio
Cross Guild vs Romance Dawn Trio (aka the potential conquer’s trio)

Luffy vs Buggy—Captains and two guys who have weird bodies due to their devil fruits. Bullets don’t hurt Luffy but swords do! Meanwhile Buggy’s the opposite. He’s immune to swords but blunt attacks and bullets do hurt him.

Zoro vs Mihawk—We all know it’s bound to happen. Plus they both really like swords! So far Zoro may like haki more than Mihawk does but let’s see.

Nami vs Crocodile—The real brains behind their respective trios. Crocodile may have a devil fruit but Nami is going to make it rain! Also her CoC is going to give her a boost.
Seems like too much of a stretch. Also, we are making too much of a gag.
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