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It'd be really lame if Blackbeard actually stole her fruit here
I hate losing power stuff
Boa is pretty strong without the fruit but she's still getting a nerf from this
Not only that but the fruit itself might as well be a part of her character
I always hate that sense of loss in these situations.
If oda does this properly, Hancock can become a really great character and develop a lot. Maybe her arrogance curbs a little because of this and she learns to trust others again. And gets stronger as she tries with haki more too. Like what horikoshi could have done with Mirio in My hero
There are many harem anime of which i had this opinion. Pretty interesting plot with solid written characters even outside of the fanservice. Most amounted to nothing though but DxD was definitely my fav out of those and Akeno my fav girl.
I like the stuff where the girls get down with each other, as well, the most. Nami x Vivi will always have a special place in my heart.

I just can't stand the crap with tsunderes randomly beating people up for no reason.
*still can't make a single defense about Rayleigh's character and keeps talking about Sanji*

classic Shishi
We need to set a pace.
If you seriously believe Sanji is a good character then your opinion is irrelevant because you have no standards to begin with.

You literally cherry picked on Rayleigh when you are a fan of literal pile of trash.

If you acknowledge how trash sanji is maybe we can have a debate.


Magic Sword, Magic Swordsman, and Can Cut Anything
Anyway, Rayleigh is such a shit character
  • Doesn't even try to save his captain's son from execution by teaming up with Whitebeard
  • Sits and watches his captain's son's execution
  • cries for Whitebeard but doesn't give 2 shits about his captain's son prior whitebeard
  • Wastes Luffy's 2 year haki training when Hyogoro thought him in 1 week more than Rayleigh thought in 1,5 years
  • Goes to protect amazon pussy instead of his captain's son

inb4 "H-He didn't know about Ace being Roger's son"
  • Roger told about Ace to Garp. Roger trusted Garp more than Rayleigh? He did not even inform that he's expecting a child?
  • Ace had the same name as his mother and Roger's sword. Roger never told Rayleigh about the bitch he was fucking?
  • There was like big news about Ace's execution 1 week prior the war and Rayleigh did not find it suspicious why would they be doing public execution and risk a war with WB for a random pirate?
  • Rayleigh never saw the resemblance of young Roger in Ace's wanted poster?
the hopelessness:suresure::suresure::suresure:
Old ray low diff eos sanjino with all dady toys:gokulaugh::gokulaugh::gokulaugh:

Honestly this is a good way to get her to join the crew or at least the fight, having a grudge on blackbeard’s pirates for destroying their island

that way if she joins 11 strawhats vs Blackbeard + 10 captains
Nah, who would rule the Kuja? plus she has no dream
Blackbeard’s 10th titanic captain is obviously San Kuro

San Kuro is the spitting image of Sanji but with Black unkempt hair

He’s basically an escaped clone of Sanji created by vinsmoke judge after Sanji ran away as a child

San Kuro is sarcastic, Sadistic and can utilize black flames. He’s not a typical “evil version of a character” as he shares many aspects with the original such as his love for cooking and women. He’s just worst in both regards as he’d try to poison those he cooks for
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