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So the VA is this bum?

Why couldn't they at least send Momonga or Onigumo?

Stainless and this guy ?
Pretty apparent Oda sends out the most useless VA's. Don't be surpised when Bastile or Maynard went after Weevil.
Why are you shitting on him exactly? He turned to stone like everyone else.

Blackbeard would've been one shotted by Hancock if not for the plot as well
Bro if the WG has Mihawk action figures plus Lunarian genes and shit, Mihawk honestly has no claim to Admiral level. Literally the Admirals’ inferiors are liked buffed little Mihawks.
Considering haki can't be copied neither a kokuto, or experience the seraphim are limited definitely.

But still they are notable monsters way above a prets pacifista.

This chapter tells us Mihawk is yonko level due Rayleigh current power situation.
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