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That's why I say Roger and WB >>>> Prime Ray

Old and sick Whitebeard nearly killed Akainu, while Old Ray only managed to scratch Kizaru.
In, like, 15 seconds of a fight lol

First thing WB managed was to get stabbed by a fodder. First thing Kaido managed was to get treated like fodder by Scabbards. Then these characters got serious and did their shit.

But, of course, ya'll gotta pretend Rayleigh keeping an Admiral at bay in first few and only moments of his fight means he's somehow far inferior.

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Well obviously bb taking boa's fruit is fake
Is him making a deal with rayleigh and the marines definently fake too?
I said that in response to “did Rayleigh made a deal with Bb”
Basically Rayleigh convince BB pirates and Marine to retreat in exchange for Hancock turning everyone back, this term isn’t possible without him because BB doesn’t trust Boa to keep any promises and he’s right
It's just Oda deceiving us
It does make a lot of sense, though. Be interesting if they ever find out the real reason. Whatever the fuck happened on that month long break seems to have done quite a bit of good for Oda, though. He knows that stretch of chapters immediately post Wano was garbage and is taking the time to go back and fix it up a bit.
The SSG replaced the Shichibukai, no matter if they use haki or not, they are a force on par with the old Shichibukai.

The advantage of this Seraphim is yes its greater power but more than anything is that they work and obey at 100% unlike warlords.
Previous warlords can fuck around and even play while fighting for the Marine so not reliable.
Mihawk himself only attended once since he became one.
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