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Did you miss the part where an emperor who's COA is strong enough to block mountain slashes said that he'll get turned stone too? Lol
I thought BB was gonna get a feat that his determination is enough to block him from being turned to stone. Blackbeard lowkey caught an L
This chapter
this chapter is a w for sanji fans too.
SSG is gonna replace warlords and Vegapank will test out Judge's creation: Sanji, who will show to Vegapunk that he's above any of his creations, Judge thanks to the one he considers a "failure" his son Sanji, he will, thanks to him surpass Vegapunk because he created without wanting to the definitive warrior of science (warrior of science was the name of a Sanji's chapter), which is Sanji.
Judge understimated the power of feelings which makes Sanji his best creation, on opposite of Judge's philosophy of feelings being a weakness.
Think about it, Sanji fought Queen for his correlation with Judge and the Mads and Vegapank has the same correlation, Queen wanted to test out "Judge's experiment" by fighting Sanji, he wanted to prove that his science was above that of Judge and he replicated Germa's powers but Sanji defeated him, Sanji will show the same to Vegepunk, he will defeat his science, Judge will be the best scientist and will get this credit thanks to his best creation Sanji.
Sanji > SSG which is >= Warlords, since it was born to replace them and we see warlords with lunarian powers this chapter.
Sanji will be above Mihawk at EOS, look at Mihawk fans being scared of this possibility and laughing at my commetn while they were the first making fun of Sanji saying he'll fight SSG and Vegapank only to find out SSG and vegapank can defeat warlords.
What's funnier is that SSG have the same fire defense as King
but this time they won't be turning it off for no reason like King did with Zoro

the ones that will break SSG defense will shit on Zoro vs King match because they will actually beat through the defense
Would be a great comment if there was no agenda involved..
Since pink hazard , oda try to indtroduce science power .

None of them did not suprassed haki power .
Apparently, vegapunk is the most successful scientist among Mads group . And we have just seen two new pacifista with new power . Next plotl

right now , world government trust vegapunk so much because they broke the warlord system .

and you know who is the warrior of science . Sanji will be a liitle bit trouble for vegapunk in future .

my boy always said he’d be the guy the marines will fear the most and now he can finally live up to it
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