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The Road To Harmony
I'd tell you to go back and re-read Wano, but I'm not wishing that one anyone right now. Yamato did get better, her Oden moments are more jokes, rather than her actually introducing herself as a dead man.
I don't think that excludes there was much change in their demeanor. Sanji's love of Women is a core part of his character, and it's used for gags and serious moments all the same. I'd have preferred more exploration on Yamato learning to be themselves rather than downplaying the severity of pretending to be someone else.

I do plan on rereading the whole series at some point, which includes Wano, so if I am missing something you were able to see in Yamato's characterization, I'd like to find it. But thanks for the concern. lol

You have to realize that the Straw Hats and Samurai are the first friends Yamato has ever really chosen on her own.

"I'm Yamato's Kaido's son!" Ignoring the gender stuff, Yamato is comfortable introducing Yamato as Yamato. That's progress.
I just checked their introduction to Luffy, and you're right. It was the text box which used Yamato's real name, and they just referred to themselves as Oden.
Already said did Zoro more than expected, ZKK not happening doesn't take that away.
Yes, Zoro disn't get 1.5b or above because Luffy only got 3b. Predicted he would have less than 1b for that reason. Most expected 4b for Luffy and atleast 1.5b for Zoro. Let's see what the next bounty to see who is right.

You said Zoro will fight yc4 kyoshiro, didn't happen
You then said Zoro will fight WsW, didn't happen
You said Zoro will fight Orochi, didn't happen
You said Zoro will fight Queen, didn't happen
You said Zoro won't see Kaido, did exactly that
Then you said Zoro won't do anything to Kaido, he replicates Odens best feat
You said Zoro will be carried by SN captains, actually he was the onr carrying them for the most part
You said Zoro won't get CoC, he got it
When he got CoC, you denied it. Then you accepted it & then you had to take a break
You said 4 way CoC clash between Kaido BM & Luffy Kid, didn't happen
You said Zoro won't get ACoC, he got it
You said Kid will get ACoC in wano, didn't happen
You said Law will leave the BM fight, didn't happen
You said Zoro is finished after 1010, nope he fought King
You said Sanji will fight King, didn't happen
You said Mihawk's bounty will be 1.5b or thereabouts, it's 3.6b
You took so many Ls you deleted ur accounts half a dozen times and came back whenever something that somehow supported your headcanon was shown in the manga
Still taking Ls, you got tired of deleting accs but instead request bans and come back whenever something that may support your headcanon is shown

Mihawk bounty ~ Boa + Katakuri + Smoothie, he's seen as much bigger threat than Boa

This chapter shows old Ray is Yonko level, win for us and not for you lol
I am rather certain you don't know what that even means.
double standard

plural noun: double standards
  1. a rule or principle which is unfairly applied in different ways to different people or groups.
    "the double standards employed to deal with ordinary people and those in the City"
You downplay Garp because he teamed up with Sengoku tp taken down shiki however when Rayleigh teams up with Gaban to take down Oden it means nothing for Ray and gvie him the benifit if the doubt
they knows Ray is beyond them so they are downplaying to bring him down from heaven to a level where Sanji can be comparable to him
just like mihawk sanji at his peak is admiral kizaru lvl so they tried to bring mihawk to below admiral so they have a chance and then 1058 dropped now they have to downplay ray
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