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I am not talking about Kidhawk. I am talking about how Rayleigh's presence alone is enough to make BB, the so-called EoS villain retreat.
Well Kidd Hawk shows insanity of real Mihawk tho
If Kid Hawk Toy only is island buster
Like what does Mihawks named attack even look like?

Is he gonna cut the moon in half or something??

Its not even Kid mihawk..its replica of Kid mihawk with Walmart Yoru.
Rayleigh:“I expected the marines… but “Emperor” Teach of Whitebeard old crew?”

Fodder: “The d-dark king!?”

Rayleigh: “I won’t call you cowardly but… this is unprecedented, you and your crew… if I was a little younger I’d send all of you running!!!”

Boa: “Rayleigh? You came…”

Koby:“Is that really him?! The right hand of the pirate king?!”

Fodder: “emperor teach!!! He’s challenging the captain?!”

“This situation is messy… all of us should step away from this battle and rethink our goals. Release Hancock, Teach, before I do something we both regret… Boa, I’ll facilitate this transaction..”
Rayleigh da best
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