One Piece Chapter 1060 "Luffy's Dream"

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Can y'all dummies stop saying Zoro is scared of Marines?
That's clearly not what the scene is showing.
He obviously is

I learned mainly as a Zoro fan that being cautious and worrying about consequences in specific situations means being a pussy, like Sanji, he isn't trusting his captain and his crewmates, he doesn't even deserve CoC
Its a famous meme cat, it went really viral after sassily meowing at its owners questions.

Animals go viral so easily online though ofc lol, Ive seen channels about dogs, ducks, cat, pigs, rabbits, crocodiles etc just blow up in views and susbcribers like no tomorrow.

I remember one guy started on 4k subs at most when I saw him, hes not on ALMOST 7.5 MILLION SUBS a few years later! Like WTF?!

This is that cat anyway:

The announcement of their death:

The original that started it all with Thurston:

There was another guy called Nico and Pancho, he had the most adorable chihuahua that he made videos with, he really loved and bonded with that dog. My heart completely broke when not long after he was mauled by another dog he died due to someone else instead too, he always had problems with heart murmurs or such too. His owner really loved that dog and it was heartbreaking to see him come to terms with losing him.

I watched my pets get killed and die as a child so I'm no stranger to seeing pets die either but it fucks you up for real, I can't even imagine how it feels for these people who knew their pets for so long, when I knew mine a fraction of the time at best and it fucked up me to this day too:

My aunts pet dog, one of her 4 dogs, a mother dog was like my first best friend, my closest and most caring "person" or figure in my life at that time too. I didn't have to see her die as I moved away to the UK before she passed away but saying goodbye to her and never seeing her again, hurt me in way I never recovered from either.

Sorry, got kinda morbid/sad there lol.

People have more love to domestic animals than actual people nowadays.Not surprised.