One Piece Chapter 1060 "Luffy's Dream"

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I know.

But there's big hard work , strict diet and shit plus very disciplined Life

Not worth it.

Very worth it,but most people are too lazy to achieve it.I admire 50 year old people that still look really young.Its not genetics,it's discipline.Tom Cruise still looks great,genetics definitely have a part at this,i'm 26 and still look 15,many people think i'm adolescent still and i admit my diet,exercise routine,stress control is far from optimal.I wonder what kinda of crazy stuff will be available in 20 years.I wish people lived till 120 years old.
What an amazing chapter. The crew dynamic was hilarious, amd the depth between Luffy and Zoro as Captain and Vice Captain is unmatched by anyone except for Nami (in relation to Luffy).

Speaking of Nami, damn did she have a face of a woman in love in that panel after Luffy told them his dream. Oda stays on top of LuNa!

Given that Bonney was at the Reverie, it looks like this next arc is going to be very WG heavy. The scene with the eddy was epicly drawn and a small example of why Oda is the best at world building.

And lastly, hope that island had collision insurance. Crazy how it was completely eradicated. Sabo's not dead, but I wondee how he made it.

Lastly, Oda topped it off with Luffy and Nami on the throne again like King and Queen. Great chapter with a great colorspread. Can't wait for the next one.
Bringing back sun sounds like Blackbeard is suited to be final villain more
His own version of Pirate world vs Luffy version of Pirate world
Unless Imu can control Moon and create total Lunar eclipse
Fisherman Island is directly underneath the Kingdom of the Gods which could be considered imprisonment.

Nami was kept on top of tower by a fisherman Arlong who considered himself a God