One Piece Chapter 1060 "Luffy's Dream"

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Gorosei Informer

nah it’s better that way underwater is very situational

he can hear living things in every environment

kinda like the breath and voice of all things
Yeah true. I did discuss with a friend that Sanji needs his own VOAT equivalent, heart of all things, smell of all things? Idk lmao.

What you mentioned, the hearing all things is dope. Kinda like Enel and his mantra too.
Well...wholesome chapter...crew interactions are on I am really interested in Luffy's dream given such big reaction from the crew.....and Zoro VC moment and Sanji CoO (of course Luffy pinpointed first)....

Imu grand entrance though we don't get to see him....
another downside of this chapter is we don't get to hear Luffy dream...
Onepiece ish chapter...

This is the peak of Observation Haki, the ability to see everything, past and future, around the World, events of Future and so much more

Mihawk was able to see decline in Whitebeard before anyone else
He was able to see ending of Warlord system before it was actually announced.

I think Mihawk developed this level of CoO to counter Shanks Future Sight killing ability.
You can't kill the Hawk Eyes
The sequence is chilling, a vortex, all up to the climax: the disbelief and shock in Sabo's eyes, almost panic, the awareness of Gorosei about what was about to happen, like a real God's judgment, the first and last zoom of Imu's madness concretized in its twisting impious eyes, the parallel with the atomic bomb from a Japanese author.

All of these just make this chapter unbelievable, I never felt so tensed like this since the death of old Whitebeard, God! :zorothink:
i totally agree... at first i felt this chapter was meh but this build up to the ending was chilling af...and seeing the island vanish