One Piece Chapter 1060 "Luffy's Dream"

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Woro, look they even wrote Luffy speech in bolt ahah, Zoro didnt give a dam, his will is as important as the captain aka the vice captain
Zoro said NO 3 times to Luffy while the rest act like NPC (they dont count)

Luffy: Set course to Alabasca
Zoro (act like White Beard with Oden against Ace, he looks more a captain than Luffy): Like I 've been saying, what good is that gona do? The man's dead...beside vivi was last seen at mary geoise.
Luffy (caps): THE LET`S GO THERE
Zoro (like white beard against ace, saying avoid having stupid loses): You Moron!! That the den of the enemy, you wanna take on navy HQ?
Luffy: Damn straight! What's wrong Zoro? Your chicken?
Zoro: Simmer down!! I am just saying we dont have any leads

Again Luffy: That does it! We are gona safe her (chopper blindly is following luffy)
Zoro(like talking with kids): all of you, knock it off
Zoro: if the opportunity presents itself, we can pitch in then, but in the meantime, have faith and quit bellyaching
Kid reaction:suresure:
Mihawk was able to see decline in Whitebeard before anyone else
Fair enough.

He was able to see ending of Warlord system before it was actually announced.
Seriously !? Lol
You aren't trolling right ....

But nahh... he started packing and preparing for relocating after bugs started disturbing his nap.

I think Mihawk developed this level of CoO to counter Shanks Future Sight killing ability.
You can't kill the Hawk Eyes
Definitely has to develop something to counter Shanks otherwise it won't be a stalemate between them.

No one wants to kill Hawk eye even on the panels..... lol
Seriously !? Lol
You aren't trolling right ....

But nahh... he started packing and preparing for relocating after bugs started disturbing his nap.
So when Mihawk said "Now is the great time to leave" to Perona, he was predicting an event of the future. It wasn't actually announced, the results of reverie weren't out yet.

No other warlord was aware of it.
Weird colourspread to redo, but okay. Wouldn’t exactly say it was one of the iconic ones.

I very much enjoyed the Strawhats sitting about and talking to each other, down to the little details of Brook pouring some of them tea. It’s something that’s been lacking for a long time to OP and to the series’ detriment.

A good First Mate Zoro moment and one with a nice callback to Alabasta with the insults from the others for being cold hearted. Yonko level cold heartedness apparently.

Poor Carrot, but it’s hysterical that the Strawhats have allowed Caribou on the ship but only after stuffing him into a barrel again.

I think Oda’s done too much teasing with Luffy’s second dream and now people are kind of sick of it. When it comes out as being something inevitably pretty childish I think there will be a bit of a backlash.

So, seems like Imu was already planning on annihilating that island for some reason and getting Sabo (well, nearly) was just a bonus? So Uranus, as it’s almost certain to be, also wiped out God’s Valley.

And again, really liked bringing back a sense of adventure with the crazy winter currents and bringing in one of the most interesting Worst Gen members at the end.

So yeah, even though it wasn’t perfect I’ve still gave it five stars just for actual Strawhat interactions and adventure.