One Piece Chapter 1060 "Luffy's Dream"

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Wow not a bad chapter at all!
I liked the interactions between mugis, finally the atmosphere I was looking for!
Robin seemed to have read about Coby, as she said other names of people Luffy knows were in the journal, but she decided to not inform Luffy because he already had to eleborate too much informantions. I wonder why Oda Is hiding the Coby's new to Luffy.

Luffy's Dream... I think his Dream Is having a banquet/a party with the entire world, across the entire world and the One Piece may be Binks Liquor, I can see It being a giant bottle of liquor and Luffy filling the glasses of all around the world with It during his ultimate dream, his final banquet.

Im part Is phenomenal, I Hope Sabo Is fine but he may have some serious injuries if he survived (I Hope he's my fav).
So Im has a map with all the Islands possibly? Like Nami's Dream?

It was cool, "this Island never existed" and with Bonney's introduction I think the new arc will start.
Caribou still following the Mugis lmao, I wonder who Is his boss.

Also the colored cover Page Is Amazing, Monster trio looks so cool there, Luffy with his Wings at his right and left side in the close-up it's just so cool.

Also, the personalities of Mugis finally coming out in their interactions, Zoro being the Classic apparently "heartless" guy, but remembering Luffy to have Faith in Vivi, because he doesn't have to understimate her and remembering Luffy words about Ace and asking his captain to be consistent, but Luffy keeping being annoying was so funny, cute that Chopper, Sanji and Nami were worried alongside Luffy and the way they called Zoro! Lmao, I was dead at "you are and Oni. An onigashima!" and "Green Mom" and again "Green Kaido", and of course, Sanji calling him marimo causing Zoro's answer (Number 4 seems to be the new gag between them which resambles the first One in the post time skip with arrival at the Island numbers) and their fight.
Sanji's peak CoO is at it again.

Sanji sensed her while Luffy only noticed who that was. Luffy was right about Sanji's CoO being better than him in Wano.

Then in the Vivre Card Databook, Sanji also has FS before Luffy apparently.

“By reading the movement of signs and emotions, you can grasp the surrounding situation and avoid danger. Some people see the future a little ahead due to extraordinary discipline.”

Sanji stock right now:
Luffy taking the backseat?
Fighting wise:goyea:

Small skirmishes don't count:lusalty:
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if you remember tough, Enel Power did nothing to the island, which was the only thing surviving in the whole skypeia.
He destroyed Angel Island completely, which is what I was refering to
The attack was called Raigo iirc, only a hole was left in the sky