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Pot Goblin

Conejo Blanco
Bonney aint joining, at least I hope not, she is hot but thats that, the crew cant handle 2 glutons. Maybe Vivi is with her though :goyea:
Now that's something both you can I can agree with

Bonneys DF is too OP in theory she ain’t joining, probably a tag along for an island or 2
I'm all for it, Bonney's always interested me
As a character, she is interesting in terms of backstory and I definitely wouldn't mind her tagging along to flesh her character out more
As a crew mate it feels off to me and her power would be absolutely dull compared to the other members.
- He mentions being in Lulucia Kingdom and having seen a person sitting on the empty throne
- Imu is seen with a map that has Lulucia kingdom crossed out

W8, so who did Sabo see? Imu dropped a bomb on his head or what?>

Bruh, they are using lunariants as foot soldiers and obedient slave workers now. Do you really think imu would allow that if it was a lunarian?

It's something else entirely. Whatever the enemy of D and joyboy was. MMaybe an alien.
Why wouldnt he? Kinda makes him have a sense of superioty since it's his species that rules over the world as huge killer robots
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