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Type "ルフィ夢の果て" on google and you'll see japanese readers have been making theories for over 500 chapters about Luffy's "secret" dream
It's not really a secret dream, but more like the last part of his dream, that he can only achieve while becoming pirate king/finding the One Piece (in his mind at least)
This is so stupid. Imu can wipe out an entire island whenever he/she wants?

What bullshit powerup will Luffy get to beat something like that?
Luffy's Powers that he has now are a direct counter to IMU's powers. Luffy's whole existence is a counter to all 3 anceint weapons.

Luffy's powers affect EVERYTHING AROUND HIM. Luffy can bounce back whatever attack imu uses, and Luffy is also rubber. Menaing he counters Imu.

Luffy's Barjung Gun could destroy a continent in ONE SHOT. He has the firepower of an Ancient Weapon.

Luffy was also born with special power to control Shirahoshi according to fishmen island legend and what the seakings said.


World's Strongest Swordsman
Tbh it does make one question the balance of power a bit if he can wipe out islands at a whim.
The balance was made to keep people away from the one piece

Warlords stop pirates at the start
Yonko stop pirates in the new world and be in a deadlock with each other
And the marines cover everywhere
That's the balance
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