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Zoro: that’s their home territory you idiot!! You want to pick a fight with Marine Headquarter?!
Luffy: I will!! Don’t tell me you’re scared, Zoro!!

These stupid decisions just makes me not respect luffy as captain...he sucks. Has no decision making qualities at all.

And if my man caribou causes any kind of issues in the will all be a big mistake by oda for SHs not able to detect or even if they detect..not throwing him out or taking care of him.
Zoro, Nami, Jinbe, and Robin, have reactions befitting the people that are the closest or most loyal to Luffy. Surprise, but not laughter. A big enough deal that Ace threatened Yamato not to laugh, and Oden couldn't laugh.

Luffy: "they laughed! Shanks laughed so hard he cried!! Shishishi! But that’s my dream"
Luffy: I might be able to do it if I become the King of Pirates!!

So Luffy dream can only be accomplished if he becomes a king of pirates?,,,hmmm....interesting....
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