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Vegapunk enel arc next
  1. Bonney is tied to kuma
  2. Kuma is a cyborg
  3. Bonney wants to turn him back so went to vegapunk
  4. Vegapunk has knowledge on like everything from devil fruits, mads, kuma, kaido, lunarians, dragons, giants, and everything else
  5. We might even see smoker, tashigi, and the punk hazard kids
  6. Maybe even the mads will reunite
  7. Vegapunk is from karakuri
  8. Karamuri is also where the automata are from
  9. Automata went with enel on the moon
  10. Enel has ancient info on the ancient weapon and is probably knowledgable on sky species like lunarians too
  11. Urouge will appear because he's a birkin like enel also last supernova
These stupid decisions just makes me not respect luffy as captain...he sucks. Has no decision making qualities at all.

And if my man caribou causes any kind of issues in the will all be a big mistake by oda for SHs not able to detect or even if they detect..not throwing him out or taking care of him.
Thankfully Zoro is on board otherwise we will have another rescue mission.
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I mean X dream that needs to be PK.
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