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Gol D. Roger

ȶɦɛ քɨʀǟȶɛ ӄɨռɢ
That would be risky, lasers won't hurt him anyways, he can keep jumping and levitate himself with flames until he finds a foothold from the debris of the island.

Where would find the land in that mess? Besides, if the entire island turns to dust, then he'd have no place to jump. It's far more effective to use Haki. And I doubt he wouldn't try to protect as many people as he could, in which case, he'd put up a bigger barrier and save a bigger piece of land.
Imu is stealing the position of BB as main final villain while last chapter made a joke of BB.

Dragon isn't looking mentally fine but hope Oda won't ruin him.

Zoro making fun of number 4 is always good to eyes... but this :
Chopper : Green-MOM :afrokappa:

Marines HQ is quite lucky that Zoro convinced Luffy otherwise Akainu and others might have obliterated before the EoS.... lol
Larines are next to fall, BB won't take a fight head on until he reaches his prime. Its either Shanks or Larines/government/Imu will fall next.

Also Imu didn't steal anything, not until Oda shows Imu can somehow deal with Luffy's Nika God DF with an ability, at this moment only BB's darkness can.

Oda already made Imu fail this early because Sabo isn't dying lmao.
The end of the carrot was the worst result of one piece... chopper didn't even say goodbye to her. Understand carrot hater, we're not sad that she didn't come in, but that she didn't even say goodbye.
Why would she deserve a goodbye from him she didn't participate in the war going for her own self interest..
She did it offscreen..
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